Streets of New Capenna

#НазваниеВ наличииЦена
1Angelic Observer0-
2Backup Agent0-
3Ballroom Brawlers0-
4Boon of Safety0-
5Brokers Initiate0-
6Buy Your Silence0-
7Celebrity Fencer0-
8Citizen's Crowbar0-
9Dapper Shieldmate0-
11Elspeth Resplendent0-
12Extraction Specialist0-
13Gathering Throng0-
14Giada, Font of Hope0-
15Halo Fountain0-
16Hold for Ransom0-
17Illuminator Virtuoso0-
18Inspiring Overseer3от 250р.
19Kill Shot0-
20Knockout Blow0-
21Mage's Attendant0-
22Mysterious Limousine0-
23Patch Up0-
24Rabble Rousing0-
25Raffine's Guidance0-
26Raffine's Informant0-
27Refuse to Yield0-
28Revelation of Power0-
29Rumor Gatherer0-
30Sanctuary Warden0-
31Sky Crier0-
32Speakeasy Server0-
33Swooping Protector0-
34All-Seeing Arbiter0-
35Backstreet Bruiser0-
36Brokers Veteran0-
37Case the Joint0-
38Cut Your Losses0-
39Disdainful Stroke0-
40Echo Inspector0-
41Errant, Street Artist0-
42Even the Score0-
43Expendable Lackey0-
44Faerie Vandal0-
45Hypnotic Grifter0-
46Ledger Shredder0-
47A Little Chat0-
48Majestic Metamorphosis0-
49Make Disappear0-
50Obscura Initiate0-
51An Offer You Can't Refuse0-
52Out of the Way0-
53Psionic Snoop0-
54Psychic Pickpocket0-
55Public Enemy0-
56Reservoir Kraken0-
57Rooftop Nuisance0-
58Run Out of Town0-
59Security Bypass25от 40р.
60Sewer Crocodile0-
61Sleep with the Fishes0-
62Slip Out the Back4от 200р.
63Undercover Operative0-
64Wingshield Agent0-
66Witness Protection0-
67Angel of Suffering0-
68Body Launderer2от 400р.
69Cemetery Tampering0-
70Corrupt Court Official0-
71Crooked Custodian0-
72Cut of the Profits0-
73Cutthroat Contender0-
74Deal Gone Bad0-
75Demon's Due0-
76Dig Up the Body0-
77Dusk Mangler0-
78Extract the Truth0-
79Fake Your Own Death0-
80Girder Goons0-
81Graveyard Shift0-
82Grisly Sigil0-
83Illicit Shipment0-
85Join the Maestros0-
86Maestros Initiate0-
87Midnight Assassin0-
89Night Clubber0-
90Raffine's Silencer0-
91Revel Ruiner0-
92Rogues' Gallery0-
93Sanguine Spy0-
94Shadow of Mortality8от 150р.
95Shakedown Heavy0-
96Tavern Swindler0-
97Tenacious Underdog0-
98Vampire Scrivener0-
101Arcane Bombardment0-
102Big Score0-
103Call In a Professional0-
104Daring Escape0-
105Devilish Valet0-
106Exhibition Magician0-
107Glittering Stockpile0-
109Hoard Hauler0-
110Involuntary Employment0-
112Jaxis, the Troublemaker0-
113Light 'Em Up0-
114Mayhem Patrol0-
115Plasma Jockey0-
116Professional Face-Breaker0-
117Pugnacious Pugilist0-
118Pyre-Sledge Arsonist0-
119Ready to Rumble0-
120Riveteers Initiate0-
121Riveteers Requisitioner0-
122Rob the Archives0-
123Sizzling Soloist0-
124Sticky Fingers0-
125Strangle20от 50р.
126Structural Assault0-
127Torch Breath0-
128Unlucky Witness0-
129Urabrask, Heretic Praetor0-
130Widespread Thieving0-
131Witty Roastmaster0-
132Wrecking Crew0-
133Attended Socialite0-
134Bootleggers' Stash0-
135Bouncer's Beatdown0-
136Broken Wings0-
137Cabaretti Initiate0-
138Caldaia Strongarm0-
139Capenna Express0-
140Civic Gardener0-
141Cleanup Crew0-
142Courier's Briefcase0-
143Elegant Entourage0-
144Evolving Door0-
145Fight Rigging0-
146For the Family0-
147Freelance Muscle0-
148Gala Greeters0-
150High-Rise Sawjack0-
151Jewel Thief38от 50р.
152Luxurious Libation0-
153Most Wanted0-
155Rhox Pummeler0-
156Riveteers Decoy0-
157Social Climber0-
158Take to the Streets0-
159Titan of Industry0-
160Topiary Stomper0-
161Venom Connoisseur0-
162Vivien on the Hunt0-
163Voice of the Vermin0-
164Warm Welcome0-
165Workshop Warchief0-
166Aven Heartstabber0-
167Black Market Tycoon0-
168Body Dropper16от 40р.
169Brazen Upstart0-
170Brokers Ascendancy0-
171Brokers Charm0-
172Cabaretti Ascendancy0-
173Cabaretti Charm0-
174Celestial Regulator0-
175Ceremonial Groundbreaker0-
176Civil Servant0-
177Cormela, Glamour Thief0-
178Corpse Appraiser0-
179Corpse Explosion0-
180Crew Captain0-
181Darling of the Masses0-
182Disciplined Duelist0-
183Endless Detour0-
184Evelyn, the Covetous0-
185Exotic Pets0-
186Falco Spara, Pactweaver0-
187Fatal Grudge0-
188Fleetfoot Dancer0-
189Forge Boss0-
190Glamorous Outlaw20от 40р.
191Hostile Takeover0-
192Incandescent Aria0-
193Jetmir, Nexus of Revels0-
194Jetmir's Fixer0-
195Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second0-
196Lagrella, the Magpie0-
197Lord Xander, the Collector0-
198Maestros Ascendancy0-
199Maestros Charm0-
200Maestros Diabolist0-
201Masked Bandits20от 40р.
202Meeting of the Five0-
203Metropolis Angel0-
204Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder0-
205Nimble Larcenist0-
206Ob Nixilis, the Adversary0-
207Obscura Ascendancy0-
208Obscura Charm0-
209Obscura Interceptor6от 150р.
210Ognis, the Dragon's Lash0-
211Park Heights Pegasus0-
212Queza, Augur of Agonies0-
213Raffine, Scheming Seer0-
214Rakish Revelers20от 40р.
215Rigo, Streetwise Mentor0-
216Riveteers Ascendancy0-
217Riveteers Charm8от 40р.
218Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer0-
219Scheming Fence0-
220Security Rhox0-
221Shattered Seraph20от 40р.
222Snooping Newsie0-
223Soul of Emancipation0-
224Spara's Adjudicators20от 40р.
225Stimulus Package0-
226Syndicate Infiltrator0-
227Tainted Indulgence0-
228Toluz, Clever Conductor0-
229Unleash the Inferno0-
230Void Rend0-
231Ziatora, the Incinerator0-
232Ziatora's Envoy0-
233Arc Spitter0-
234Brass Knuckles0-
235Cement Shoes0-
236Chrome Cat0-
237Getaway Car0-
238Gilded Pinions0-
239Halo Scarab0-
240Luxior, Giada's Gift0-
241Ominous Parcel0-
242Paragon of Modernity0-
243Quick-Draw Dagger0-
244Scuttling Butler0-
245Suspicious Bookcase0-
246Unlicensed Hearse0-
247Botanical Plaza35от 30р.
248Brokers Hideout3от 40р.
249Cabaretti Courtyard3от 40р.
250Jetmir's Garden0-
251Maestros Theater1от 60р.
252Obscura Storefront0-
253Racers' Ring25от 40р.
254Raffine's Tower0-
255Riveteers Overlook2от 40р.
256Skybridge Towers33от 30р.
257Spara's Headquarters0-
258Tramway Station25от 30р.
259Waterfront District33от 30р.
260Xander's Lounge0-
261Ziatora's Proving Ground0-
282Elspeth Resplendent0-
283Vivien on the Hunt0-
284Ob Nixilis, the Adversary0-
285Halo Fountain0-
286All-Seeing Arbiter0-
287Shadow of Mortality0-
288Bootleggers' Stash0-
289Titan of Industry0-
290Topiary Stomper0-
291Jetmir's Garden0-
292Raffine's Tower0-
293Spara's Headquarters0-
294Xander's Lounge0-
295Ziatora's Proving Ground0-
296Brazen Upstart0-
297Brokers Ascendancy0-
298Brokers Charm0-
299Cabaretti Ascendancy0-
300Cabaretti Charm0-
301Cormela, Glamour Thief0-
302Corpse Appraiser0-
303Crew Captain0-
304Disciplined Duelist0-
305Endless Detour0-
306Evelyn, the Covetous0-
307Falco Spara, Pactweaver0-
308Fleetfoot Dancer0-
309Glamorous Outlaw24от 50р.
310Hostile Takeover0-
311Incandescent Aria0-
312Jetmir, Nexus of Revels0-
313Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second0-
314Lagrella, the Magpie0-
315Lord Xander, the Collector0-
316Maestros Ascendancy0-
317Maestros Charm0-
318Maestros Diabolist0-
319Masked Bandits24от 50р.
320Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder0-
321Nimble Larcenist0-
322Obscura Ascendancy0-
323Obscura Charm0-
324Obscura Interceptor0-
325Ognis, the Dragon's Lash0-
326Queza, Augur of Agonies0-
327Raffine, Scheming Seer0-
328Rakish Revelers24от 50р.
329Rigo, Streetwise Mentor0-
330Riveteers Ascendancy0-
331Riveteers Charm0-
332Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer0-
333Shattered Seraph20от 50р.
334Soul of Emancipation0-
335Spara's Adjudicators24от 50р.
336Toluz, Clever Conductor0-
337Unleash the Inferno0-
338Void Rend0-
339Ziatora, the Incinerator0-
340Ziatora's Envoy0-
341Elspeth Resplendent0-
342Giada, Font of Hope0-
343Sanctuary Warden0-
344Errant, Street Artist0-
345Tenacious Underdog0-
346Urabrask, Heretic Praetor0-
347Vivien on the Hunt0-
348Ob Nixilis, the Adversary0-
349Scheming Fence0-
350Botanical Plaza1от 40р.
351Jetmir's Garden0-
352Racers' Ring3от 40р.
353Raffine's Tower0-
354Skybridge Towers3от 40р.
355Spara's Headquarters0-
356Tramway Station2от 40р.
357Waterfront District3от 40р.
358Xander's Lounge0-
359Ziatora's Proving Ground0-
361Brazen Upstart0-
362Brokers Ascendancy0-
363Brokers Charm0-
364Cabaretti Ascendancy0-
365Cabaretti Charm0-
366Cormela, Glamour Thief0-
367Corpse Appraiser0-
368Crew Captain0-
369Disciplined Duelist0-
370Endless Detour0-
371Evelyn, the Covetous0-
372Falco Spara, Pactweaver0-
373Fleetfoot Dancer0-
374Glamorous Outlaw0-
375Hostile Takeover0-
376Incandescent Aria0-
377Jetmir, Nexus of Revels0-
378Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second0-
379Lagrella, the Magpie0-
380Lord Xander, the Collector0-
381Maestros Ascendancy0-
382Maestros Charm0-
383Maestros Diabolist0-
384Masked Bandits0-
385Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder0-
386Nimble Larcenist0-
387Obscura Ascendancy0-
388Obscura Charm0-
389Obscura Interceptor0-
390Ognis, the Dragon's Lash0-
391Queza, Augur of Agonies0-
392Raffine, Scheming Seer0-
393Rakish Revelers0-
394Rigo, Streetwise Mentor0-
395Riveteers Ascendancy0-
396Riveteers Charm3от 50р.
397Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer0-
398Shattered Seraph0-
399Soul of Emancipation0-
400Spara's Adjudicators0-
401Toluz, Clever Conductor0-
402Unleash the Inferno0-
403Void Rend0-
404Ziatora, the Incinerator0-
405Ziatora's Envoy0-
407Extraction Specialist0-
408Mysterious Limousine0-
409Rabble Rousing0-
410Cut Your Losses0-
411Even the Score0-
412Ledger Shredder0-
413Reservoir Kraken0-
414Undercover Operative0-
416Angel of Suffering0-
417Body Launderer0-
418Cemetery Tampering0-
419Cut of the Profits0-
420Sanguine Spy0-
421Shakedown Heavy0-
422Arcane Bombardment0-
423Devilish Valet0-
424Hoard Hauler0-
425Jaxis, the Troublemaker0-
426Professional Face-Breaker0-
427Structural Assault0-
428Widespread Thieving0-
429Evolving Door0-
430Fight Rigging0-
431Gala Greeters0-
432Workshop Warchief0-
433Aven Heartstabber0-
434Black Market Tycoon0-
435Corpse Explosion0-
436Meeting of the Five0-
437Park Heights Pegasus0-
438Getaway Car0-
439Luxior, Giada's Gift0-
440Unlicensed Hearse0-
441Elspeth Resplendent0-
442Giada, Font of Hope0-
443Sanctuary Warden0-
444Errant, Street Artist0-
445Tenacious Underdog0-
446Urabrask, Heretic Praetor0-
447Vivien on the Hunt0-
448Ob Nixilis, the Adversary0-
449Scheming Fence0-
450Gala Greeters0-
461Jaxis, the Troublemaker0-
462Mysterious Limousine0-
463Rumor Gatherer0-
464An Offer You Can't Refuse0-
466Light 'Em Up0-
467Courier's Briefcase0-