Core Set 2021 Promos

#НазваниеВ наличииЦена
1pUgin, the Spirit Dragon0-
1sUgin, the Spirit Dragon0-
6pBaneslayer Angel0-
6sBaneslayer Angel0-
7pBasri Ket0-
7sBasri Ket0-
9pBasri's Lieutenant0-
9sBasri's Lieutenant0-
13pContainment Priest0-
13sContainment Priest0-
21pGlorious Anthem0-
21sGlorious Anthem0-
23pIdol of Endurance0-
23sIdol of Endurance0-
27pMangara, the Diplomat0-
27sMangara, the Diplomat0-
28pNine Lives0-
28sNine Lives0-
29pPack Leader0-
29sPack Leader0-
32pRuned Halo0-
32sRuned Halo0-
38pSpeaker of the Heavens0-
38sSpeaker of the Heavens0-
45pBarrin, Tolarian Archmage0-
45sBarrin, Tolarian Archmage0-
52pGhostly Pilferer0-
52sGhostly Pilferer0-
60pPursued Whale0-
60sPursued Whale0-
69pSee the Truth0-
69sSee the Truth0-
73pStormwing Entity0-
73sStormwing Entity0-
74pSublime Epiphany0-
74sSublime Epiphany0-
75pTeferi, Master of Time0-
75sTeferi, Master of Time0-
76pTeferi's Ageless Insight0-
76sTeferi's Ageless Insight0-
95pDemonic Embrace0-
95sDemonic Embrace0-
103pGrim Tutor0-
103sGrim Tutor0-
104pHooded Blightfang0-
104sHooded Blightfang0-
106pKaervek, the Spiteful1от 200р.
106sKaervek, the Spiteful0-
108pLiliana, Waker of the Dead0-
108sLiliana, Waker of the Dead0-
110pLiliana's Standard Bearer1от 250р.
110sLiliana's Standard Bearer0-
114pMassacre Wurm0-
114sMassacre Wurm0-
117pPeer into the Abyss0-
117sPeer into the Abyss0-
125pThieves' Guild Enforcer0-
125sThieves' Guild Enforcer0-
127pVito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose0-
127sVito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose0-
133pBrash Taunter0-
133sBrash Taunter0-
135pChandra, Heart of Fire0-
135sChandra, Heart of Fire0-
136pChandra's Incinerator0-
136sChandra's Incinerator0-
139pConspicuous Snoop0-
139sConspicuous Snoop0-
142pDouble Vision0-
142sDouble Vision0-
143pFiery Emancipation0-
143sFiery Emancipation0-
146pGadrak, the Crown-Scourge0-
146sGadrak, the Crown-Scourge0-
162pSubira, Tulzidi Caravanner0-
162sSubira, Tulzidi Caravanner0-
164pTerror of the Peaks0-
164sTerror of the Peaks0-
172pVolcanic Salvo0-
172sVolcanic Salvo0-
173pAzusa, Lost but Seeking0-
173sAzusa, Lost but Seeking0-
179pElder Gargaroth0-
179sElder Gargaroth0-
180pFeline Sovereign0-
180sFeline Sovereign0-
183pGarruk, Unleashed0-
183sGarruk, Unleashed0-
185pGarruk's Harbinger1от 200р.
185sGarruk's Harbinger0-
188pHeroic Intervention0-
188sHeroic Intervention0-
191pJolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse0-
191sJolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse0-
197pPrimal Might0-
197sPrimal Might0-
204pScavenging Ooze0-
204sScavenging Ooze0-
208pSporeweb Weaver0-
208sSporeweb Weaver0-
222pNiambi, Esteemed Speaker0-
222sNiambi, Esteemed Speaker0-
224pRadha, Heart of Keld0-
224sRadha, Heart of Keld0-
225pSanctum of All0-
225sSanctum of All0-
228pChromatic Orrery0-
228sChromatic Orrery0-
232pMazemind Tome0-
232sMazemind Tome0-
239pSolemn Simulacrum0-
239sSolemn Simulacrum0-
240pSparkhunter Masticore0-
240sSparkhunter Masticore0-
242pAnimal Sanctuary0-
242sAnimal Sanctuary0-
246pFabled Passage0-
246sFabled Passage0-
252pTemple of Epiphany0-
252sTemple of Epiphany0-
253pTemple of Malady0-
253sTemple of Malady0-
254pTemple of Mystery0-
254sTemple of Mystery0-
255pTemple of Silence0-
255sTemple of Silence0-
256pTemple of Triumph0-
256sTemple of Triumph0-