Portal Three Kingdoms

#НазваниеВ наличииЦена
1Alert Shu Infantry0-
2Eightfold Maze0-
3Empty City Ruse1от 900р.
4False Defeat0-
5Flanking Troops0-
6Guan Yu, Sainted Warrior0-
7Guan Yu's 1,000-Li March0-
8Huang Zhong, Shu General0-
9Kongming, “Sleeping Dragon”1от 600р.
10Kongming's Contraptions0-
11Liu Bei, Lord of Shu1от 600р.
12Loyal Retainers1от 2100р.
13Misfortune's Gain0-
14Pang Tong, “Young Phoenix”1от 1680р.
15Peach Garden Oath0-
16Rally the Troops1от 90р.
17Ravages of War0-
18Riding Red Hare1от 300р.
19Shu Cavalry0-
20Shu Defender0-
21Shu Elite Companions0-
22Shu Elite Infantry0-
23Shu Farmer0-
24Shu Foot Soldiers0-
25Shu General0-
26Shu Grain Caravan0-
27Shu Soldier-Farmers0-
29Virtuous Charge0-
30Volunteer Militia0-
31Warrior's Stand1от 90р.
32Zhang Fei, Fierce Warrior0-
33Zhao Zilong, Tiger General0-
34Balance of Power1от 360р.
35Borrowing 100,000 Arrows1от 300р.
36Brilliant Plan0-
37Broken Dam0-
38Capture of Jingzhou0-
39Champion's Victory0-
40Council of Advisors0-
44Forced Retreat0-
45Lady Sun0-
46Lu Meng, Wu General1от 1500р.
47Lu Su, Wu Advisor0-
48Lu Xun, Scholar General1от 600р.
49Mystic Denial0-
50Preemptive Strike1от 60р.
51Red Cliffs Armada0-
52Sage's Knowledge0-
53Strategic Planning0-
54Straw Soldiers0-
55Sun Ce, Young Conquerer0-
56Sun Quan, Lord of Wu0-
57Wu Admiral0-
58Wu Elite Cavalry0-
59Wu Infantry0-
60Wu Light Cavalry0-
61Wu Longbowman0-
62Wu Scout0-
63Wu Spy0-
64Wu Warship0-
65Zhou Yu, Chief Commander0-
66Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist0-
67Ambition's Cost0-
68Cao Cao, Lord of Wei0-
69Cao Ren, Wei Commander0-
71Corrupt Court Official0-
72Cunning Advisor0-
74Desperate Charge0-
76Ghostly Visit0-
77Imperial Edict0-
78Imperial Seal0-
79Overwhelming Forces0-
80Poison Arrow0-
81Return to Battle0-
82Sima Yi, Wei Field Marshal0-
83Stolen Grain0-
84Stone Catapult1от 420р.
85Wei Ambush Force0-
86Wei Assassins0-
87Wei Elite Companions0-
88Wei Infantry0-
89Wei Night Raiders0-
90Wei Scout0-
91Wei Strike Force0-
92Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed0-
93Xun Yu, Wei Advisor0-
94Young Wei Recruits0-
95Zhang He, Wei General0-
96Zhang Liao, Hero of Hefei1от 1500р.
97Zodiac Pig0-
98Zodiac Rat0-
99Zodiac Snake0-
100Barbarian General0-
101Barbarian Horde0-
103Burning Fields0-
104Burning of Xinye0-
105Control of the Court0-
106Corrupt Eunuchs0-
107Desert Sandstorm0-
108Diaochan, Artful Beauty0-
109Dong Zhou, the Tyrant0-
110Eunuchs' Intrigues0-
111Fire Ambush5от 360р.
112Fire Bowman0-
113Imperial Recruiter0-
114Independent Troops0-
115Lu Bu, Master-at-Arms0-
116Ma Chao, Western Warrior0-
117Mountain Bandit0-
118Ravaging Horde0-
119Relentless Assault1от 4800р.
120Renegade Troops0-
121Rockslide Ambush0-
122Rolling Earthquake0-
123Stone Rain0-
124Warrior's Oath0-
125Yellow Scarves Cavalry0-
126Yellow Scarves General0-
127Yellow Scarves Troops0-
128Yuan Shao, the Indecisive0-
129Yuan Shao's Infantry0-
130Zodiac Dog0-
131Zodiac Dragon0-
132Zodiac Goat0-
133Borrowing the East Wind0-
134False Mourning1от 480р.
135Forest Bear1от 600р.
136Heavy Fog0-
137Hua Tuo, Honored Physician0-
138Hunting Cheetah0-
139Lady Zhurong, Warrior Queen0-
140Lone Wolf1от 240р.
141Marshaling the Troops1от 1200р.
142Meng Huo, Barbarian King0-
143Meng Huo's Horde0-
144Riding the Dilu Horse0-
145Slashing Tiger0-
146Southern Elephant0-
147Spoils of Victory0-
148Spring of Eternal Peace0-
149Stalking Tiger0-
150Taoist Hermit1от 270р.
151Taoist Mystic1от 900р.
152Taunting Challenge1от 780р.
153Three Visits2от 5400р.
154Trained Cheetah0-
155Trained Jackal0-
156Trip Wire0-
157Wielding the Green Dragon0-
158Wolf Pack0-
159Zodiac Horse0-
160Zodiac Monkey0-
161Zodiac Ox1от 180р.
162Zodiac Rabbit0-
163Zodiac Rooster0-
164Zodiac Tiger0-
165Zuo Ci, the Mocking Sage0-